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How can we solve the Problem:
  • High-roading the Problem
  • Diagnoses
  • Conditioning Method
  • Implementation

High-roading the Problem
Emagine that you are running on the high road, and all the problem just come and over on all over the life. With the method, we can easily serve you bring down your own problems.

We make many diagnoses depend on your problem will be solved. Usually we use psychological diagnoses and other scientific diagnoses like ex. economical diagnoses for the economic problem,etc. For predictable result on psychological diagnoses we make some psychological assesment using standard psycological tools (valid and reliable measurement/bateray test). Special for behavior problem diagnoses we use projective method( ex. Projective Multi Phases orientation) for almoust all our assesment.

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The Founder
He is the founder of Grahita Indonesia,named Eko Budhi Purwanto. He born in Muntilan, Midle of Java, January,09,1961. Based on his bright idea, we grow up and never give up until now and we just always work on our  virtual activities, make the world being healthy.
He came from educated family and truely he walk in almoust his life with a research journey and rool over the tools to solve all problems,enable bring down on people's life and sure also in their circumtance like their bussiness,life-stlyle,and their personal problem.
Grahita Indonesia Incorporation
People and Company's Health Enhancement
Our Comitment:
"Open heart and eyes"

Our Virtual Motto:
"Three Golden Concept"

Never die for inovations
All out to sove the problem
Give the best service and quality