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Drawing Technique
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Drawing techique allways be major objection in all Goodenough's research. Goodenough allways be inspirator for other psychologies in their research, specially in order to make more usable tools to collect psychological datas via and using projective technique. Besides these major developments in the projective personality tests, some other psychologists adopted drawing techniques. Goodenough was first to use them to measure your intellectual levels as well as interests and personality traits.
Buck's House-Tree-Person, was a bit structured and standardized projective personality test. He asked the subjects to draw a house, tree and a person. Machover's projective tests are merely extension to the drawing projective techniques.
In order to make more  valid and reliable result in many datas,generated from all projective technique test, usually psychologis using their own norm. But by the way all the thing,done are just the result of Goodenough's efford. Goodenough built a best basic on projective technique that until now, and future time still be a best inspiration for all psychologist in about projective technique for personality tests.
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