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Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
So many thing that can do with behaviour in order to make  a good sense in his or her life. Problematical emphases in all human's life just can be always be diagnosed by using projective technique.
Morgan and Murray developed different projective techniques in 1935 and named them as thematic apperception test (TAT). They studied normal people with their testing method. In principal, the technique allmoust all being envolved drawing object,pussed client to respond the object. They used pictures of one or more people engaged in some ambiguous activity. You are asked to describe a dramatic story about thoughts and feelings of the people in the pictures. They believed that you expose your underlying thoughts, thrust for achievements and your reactions to the situations through your stories.
Sentence Completion
Payne started sentence completion projective technique in 1928. Now it is an important part of the most of the psychological tests. There are numerous extensions of the Payne system available in the testing market. These projective personality tests include questions like: My nerves are made of… ,I love… ,I hate… etc

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