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Projective Techniques
Sigmund Freud and Projective Techniques

He has not made any conscious effort to contribute in the projective personality tests. However, some psychologists speculate that his application of free association sprang from the experiments of Francis Galton's experiments.

The Projective Tests in Germany
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Wundt, Kraepelin and Jung expounded upon the experiments of association made by Francis Galton. Jung finalized 100 stimulus words in 1910 to be used in different kinds of projective personality tests. For each word, the subjects were required to associate a word as quickly as possible. Most of the subject used the first word that came into their mind without even bothering of their meaningful association.

Projective Techniques and America
Kent and Rosanoff brought the projective personality tests in the United States. They enhanced the validity of the projective techniques by administering the 100 stimulus words upon a selection of 1000 subjects. Initially, they wanted to differentiate between reactions of normal and insane people regarding these selected words.
Hermann Rorschach's Inkblot Personality Test
While the psychologists were working upon association of words, a Swiss Psychiatrist, Hermann Rorschach was testing a completely different projective technique to study personality. He believed in the projective hypothesis that when you face ambiguous or unstructured stimuli, you inadvertently disclose your innermost needs, fantasies and conflicts. He developed 10 inkblot images in 1921 to help the subjects to 'project' their thoughts. He experimented with his close friends and relatives. His techniques are called inkblot personality tests.

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