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Projective Personality Tests
The projective personality tests claim to measures your underlying personality traits, fears, anxieties and attitudes. However, they are the most ambiguous in their structure, interpretations and philosophy. Some recommend their usage only in the clinical atmosphere but many employers use them to apply suitability or even reject for some particular job.
Obscure series of cartoons, pictures, ink blots and incomplete sentences are used as projective techniques. The proponents of projective personality tests believe that you 'project' to these ambiguous stimuli from your sub-consciousness. That's why you will find very few instructions to answer the questions.
An overview of the projective techniques shall help you to grasp development of projective personality tests.

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The Inventor of Projective Tests
Francis Galton conceptualized the projective techniques with an experiment, in 1897. He chose a number of words and allowed himself to associate as many as words to each of them within four seconds. He categorized these associations in a number of categories and started to believe that your mental operations are wholly conducted in your sub-consciousness.
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