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Projective Multi Phases Orientation
In order to highlight the good result of psychological assesment. Many expert just make more research about psychological method, especially for measuring and collecting all the datas. They each and other make the result better that before.
In other way projective test is the best one for evaluating and collect psychological datas that envolved on beahvioral aspect. Projective Multi Phases Orientation (PMPO) is the new generation of the method,made  by Goodenough in 1928.
There are something differences between Goodenough's method and PMPO, although they have same way on detect the datas on both.
"Projective Multi Phases Orientation in fact is not the new, but the modificated result, generated from the conventional one" said Eko Budhi  Purwanto when he explain about PMPO as a result of his research.
His research just be begun from his hoping to solve the dramatical problem about how can the conventional projective method be used for kids. The problem is a dramatical problem whenever many efford just disabling to reach a valid result, so that can't be detected about how a real problem in there. Based on the fact, in April 1996 Eko Budhi Purwanto began all basic research. He said that " Almoust all of psychological pain (psychopain) will be a point arrow to pain relief conditioning. And pain relief allways be done in a simple projection ways side by side in all their activity."
From their side kicking idea he found the basic resources of projectical ways in order to act their relief, name "basic line sources". this is the difference from conventional projective method from PMPO, that is the sources of norm value of the datas. The projective one decided shadow,forming draw, and basic object as a prime sources for all the final datas, in othe one decided line, arrow direction, and shadow as a prime source for all the final datas.

Although Goodenough said that the projective method also can be used for measure intelectual datas like for excample DAP (Draw A Person) Test, Eko Budhi Purwanto said that PMPO is just only relevant for all behavioral aspect, and not so relevant for intelectual aspect.
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